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What My Clients Say

"I’ve had several massages with Kate and each time I walk away feeling more grounded and connected to my body. She has a calm, confident, and thoughtful manner and alway makes me feel at ease. She creates a healing experience with each massage."

Caroline Record

"Kate`s Massages are the best part of the week, so relaxing and bring emense calm and peace."

Simon La Barre

My time with Kate was a beautiful experience. She made me feel heard, she put me at ease and she reinforced that I communicate what was going on during the massage. During, I was relaxed, comfortable and warm (with the heated blanket that was an extra bonus). Afterwards I felt more in tune with my body and was able to release extra tension that had built up. A beautiful experience!

Andreane Dubois

I have received eight wonderful treatments from Kato.

Kato is a natural healer. She has great hands.

She has done an incredible job working on me.

She has totally exceeded all my most optimistic expectations.

She is very friendly, loving, tender and she has a great heart.

It is clear that the Shiatsu she practices is heart-centered.

She is a great listener; very cooperative and she gives great feed-back.

The more places in my body she has unblocked, the more energy has been released.

I have never had so much energy and my health keep getting better and better.

Actually, I feel that I have been rejuvenated by Kato’s treatments.

I can recommend her without any hesitation.

Andre Koreny

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