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Shiatsu Kato

Shiatsu Massage, Bodywork and Yoga

I’m an experienced Massage Therapist and Ashtanga Yoga teacher in Montreal.
I strive to help my clients balance their energy and promote well-being to keep the mind, body, and spirit healthy through my practice.

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Kato  過渡

Kate Cawker, Shiatsu Massage Practitioner

I have been called Kato since I was little, feel free to call me Kate or Kato (pronounced: /ˈka.tɔ/).

What started as a nickname, has become the name for my professional career.  Kato in Japanese means "Changing Old to New" -fitting as Shiatsu Massage is a Japanese modality of Body Work that deals in changing or moving stagnant Ki or "vital energy".

Shiatsu in Japanese means pressure with hands or thumbs. When I first came into contact with this from of Body work it changed everything for me. As a former yoga teacher, Canoe Guide and Facilitator I feel an immense calling to Shiatsu massage as a way to help others increase awareness of their bodies and connect to self.

 I studied at Kine Concept-Guijek in Montreal (Completing Shiatsu 2-Therapeutique June 2022)  and I continue to Study and Teach Both Ashtanga and Acro Yoga. 

I am available Mondays in the Plateau at Centre Altho (near Metro Sherbrook) in Montreal. Offering Shiatsu on futon as well as Private Yoga Classes in that space.  I also maintain my own practice in Rosemont la petite patrie - on Rue Lafond Tuesday-Saturday

I am licensed with The RMPQ and offer insurance receipts. ​

This unique modality of bodywork is calming, peaceful and grounding. I look forward to sharing it with you and accompanying you in a session. 

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